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Confront the prosecution with the best

With all the power of the state of California and its resources on the side of the prosecution, arm yourself against violent criminal charges with an experienced and committed advocate on your side. We'll fight for your rights and freedom.

We'll fight for you through misdemeanors and felonies, outstanding warrants, drunk driving, DMV hearings, narcotics or misdemeanor drug arrests, shoplifting or theft, probation violations, and assault or domestic violence. We also offer juvenile representation. Trust the people who believe in your future to defend it.

Come to us on your worst days

Whether you have been involved in a bar fight or face charges of a more serious nature, you need a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney working for you. Receive tenacious defense with our bottomless, highly equipped legal resources.

Protect your future

We represent clients throughout Coachella valley and cover a number of criminal defense cases. Se habla español.

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